Making Shaped Images Easy…

Divi Mask is a feature rich image masking plugin which adds a new, 100% Visual Builder compatible module to the Divi Theme which allows web designers to use presets or custom masks to create great looking shaped images.

100% Front End Visual Builder Compatible 

Quickly create great looking images in the Visual Builder without using photo editing software.

Just add the easy to find Divi Mask module and let your creative juices flow!


Easily Create Shaped Images

Mask any image using one of the 66 built in masks. Masks can also be stretched to fill the entire module with the flick of a switch. 

Add an Heading and place it anywhere at any angle.


Cupcake Heaven

Simple Customisation

Adding a mask to an image and customising the settings is a breeze.

Simply use the sliders and see the changes on the fly in the Visual Builder.



Enhance your text

Add a border to any image or use a mask for a creative text background. Easily done using the Divi Mask presets.

A text area can be added and edited using a full Tiny MCE editor and placed anywhere in the module.


66 Built In Masks

Divi Mask comes with 66 presets which can be individually scaled, rotated and moved both horizontally and vertically within the module.

All presets have a 1:1 ratio but can be stretched to fit the module with the flick of a switch.



12 Abstract Masks

Divi Mask now has 12 built in abstract shapes in addition to the original 54 to make a total of 66 masks and all with the same customisation functionality.

Combine Divi mask with the Divi Theme built in masks to create some amazing looking images.



Abstract Masks (default mode)

Abstract Masks (stretch to fill mode)

Custom Masks

If the preset masks aren’t enough to express your creativity or you just want something bespoke, you can easily create your own SVG in a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Inkscape.

A FREE third party plugin is required to enable SVG uploads to the WordPress media library.

Custom PNG Masks

Custom PNG’s created in a vector editing program can also be used to create great looking graphics!

The image will show through everywhere the PNG has colour.


Video Demonstration

Watch the video to get a quick overview of how to use the features of Divi Mask.




Nothing complicated here!

One price. One license

FAQ’s & Information

If you can’t find the answer you need, contact me. I don’t bite!

Will Divi Mask work with Staging/Sandbox/Managed Sites?

Divi Mask will not work within a staging/sandbox environment or on a managed WordPress site or any other non-standard installation.

e.g yoursite.com/sandbox/your-page

It will only work on a standard WordPress installation

e.g yoursite.com/your-page

or a sub domain on a standard installation

e.g subdomain.yoursite.com/your-page

Where Can I Purchase Divi Mask

Divi Mask has been approved and is available through the makers of Divi – Elegant Themes

How to Install Divi Mask

Divi Mask is a  plugin which adds a module for use with the Divi theme. Installation is the same as any other WordPress plugin.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Go to Plugins in left hand menu.

3. Click Add New

4. Click Upload Plugin and Choose File

5. Locate divi_mask_x.x.x.zip (the file you downloaded when purchased)

6. Click Install Now

7. Click Activate once the plugin has been installed.

8. You can now add the Divi Mask module to any page.


/* == Changelog ==

= 1.5= updated 16th March 2023
* Removed heading and text divs on frontend when not being used to aid SEO
* Added buttons for heading and text options to improve settings layout on backend

= 1.4= updated 12th December 2022
* Added abstract masks

= 1.3=
* Fixed Custom Mask incorrectly rendering on front end

= 1.2=
* Fixed Module Mask Icon incorrectly rendering in Divi 4

= 1.1=
* Added rotation for circle/ellipse

= 1.0=
* Initial release */

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