Bespoke Divi and WordPress admin for your clients…

Divi Brand & Super Admin is a super lightweight plugin built for the Divi theme which allows web designers to change the default “Divi” brand name and icon on admin pages to match their own or their clients brand.

Numerous other settings are available for bespoke customisation.

Super Admin Plugin

The plugin adds a ‘Super Admin” tab to the theme options. This tab, along with the plugin itself will only ever be visible to the admin who installed it. Your user details are also hidden in your clients backend so they will not be able to delete you without going into the database. 


Rebrand Divi

Using your own or your clients business name along with a choice of over 1,500 icons from Font Awesome you can create a bespoke look for your “Divi” backend.

Take Control

You decide which Divi options your client can use. If you don’t want to give access to the Support Center or Theme Customizer, simply turn them off. Turning off all sub menus will hide the main menu.



Simple To Customise

Change the look of the whole WordPress backend to match Divi with ease.

Turn off or apply a bespoke WordPress admin footer message.

Hide the WordPress logo and submenu.



Your Brand

Create a bespoke look for your clients even when adding pages or posts.


Customize your clients WordPress dashboard 

Hide default WordPress panels from the dashboard and screen options for all other users regardless of role.

Create upto three custom dashboard panels to give clients information or use to advertise other products.



Customize the WordPress login screen

Easily customise the WordPress login screen with a logo and background image or different background colour.

Anchor text colour is also customisable.



wordpress login customiser
wordpress login settings screen


Nothing complicated here!

One price. One license.

FAQ’s & Information

If you can’t find the answer you need, contact me. I don’t bite!

Important Language & Translation Information

Please be aware that the “Divi Brand & Super Admin” plugin WILL NOT work correctly if the WordPress Site Language is not English. Please do not purchase if your site admin area is in any language other than English. Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Does it remove all traces of Divi?

No! This is not a plugin developed to hide the fact that the website is built using the Divi theme and WordPress. It will not remove all traces of Divi or WordPress from the backend on source code.

Where Can I Purchase Divi Brand & Super Admin

Divi Brand & Super Admin has been approved and is available through the makers of Divi – Elegant Themes

How to Install Divi Brand & Super Admin

Divi Brand & Super Admin is a  plugin which adds functionality to the backend of WordPress and Divi. Installation is the same as any other WordPress plugin.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Go to Plugins in left hand menu.

3. Click Add New

4. Click Upload Plugin and Choose File

5. Locate divi_brand-x.zip (the file you downloaded when purchased)

6. Click Install Now

7. Click Activate once the plugin has been installed.

8. You will now see the Super Admin tab added to Divi Theme Options.

Divi Brand & Super Admin Default Settings

Please be aware that like all Divi Theme Options, you will lose all your settings if theme options are reset to defaults.

Font Awesome Icons
Customizing the backend with a new icon is simple.

Got to https://fontawesome.com/search

Select Free in the left hand menu

Click on the icon of your choice

Note the style (Regular, Solid, Brands) and copy the unicode

Enter this information in Super Admin > Theme Options Settings



If you are experiencing issues. Please ensure that you have the latest version prior to putting in a support request.

* == Changelog ==
* = 2.1 = (Updated 22nd December 2021)
* – Fixed EventListener JavaScript error on WP plugin page
* = 2.0 = (Updated 15th June 2021)
* – Added WP Login Screen customisation (New feature)
* – Fixed Custom Dashboard switches
* = 1.2 = (Updated 18th July 2019)
* – Fixed “Enable Visual Builder” icon in admin bar on front end
* = 1.1 = (Updated 11th July 2019)
* – Fixed plugin showing on client account
* – Fixed Support Center not being removed
* – Fixed Divi logo not returning to default when Rebrand Divi switch disabled
* – Fixed Divi Logo & Name change when adding pages and posts
* = 1.0 =
* – Initial release

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