A super cool six image spinning gallery…

Divi Cube is a lightweight plugin which adds a new, 100% Visual Builder compatible module to the Divi Theme which allows web designers to create an eye-catching spinning cube incorporating 6 images. Various settings are available for customisation.

100% Front End Visual Builder Compatible 

Easily add a spinning cube gallery to your website with a few clicks in the visual builder.

Just add the easy to find Divi Cube module and jump right in!


Easily Add A Spinning Cube Gallery

Quickly add 6 images and you’ve built yourself a rotating cube gallery using the default settings.

It’s that simple!

Want more control? You’ve got it.

Animation adjustments include image width, speed of rotation and start delay.

Choose infinite animation or set the number of rotations (iterations).

Decide whether the user can pause the animation on hover.



Simple To Customise

Adding a spinning gallery cube and customising the settings to your requirements is simple.

Adjust the sliders and flick the switches to see the changes on the fly in the Visual Builder.

Width setting can be device specific to ensure the image cubes look great on all screen sizes.

No need to crop images to 1:1 ratio in photo editing software. Divi Cube will automatically crop to the centre.

Ability to add “Alt” and “Title” text to each image to ensure good search engine optimisation.



Attention Grabbing Images

Need to make a feature image stand out. Just add the same image to all 6 faces.



Creative Delay

Add multiple cubes with differing delays and sizes to get some creative and interesting results.



Nothing complicated here!

One price. One license


If you can’t find the answer you need, contact me. I don’t bite!

Where Can I Purchase Divi Cube

Divi Cube has been approved and is available through the makers of Divi – Elegant Themes

How to Install Divi Cube

Divi Mask is a  plugin which adds a module for use with the Divi theme. Installation is the same as any other WordPress plugin.

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Go to Plugins in left hand menu.

3. Click Add New

4. Click Upload Plugin and Choose File

5. Locate divi_cube-x.zip (the file you downloaded when purchased)

6. Click Install Now

7. Click Activate once the plugin has been installed.

8. You can now add the Divi Cube module to any page.

Version 1.2 
* Changed name of plugin in backend from Divi Cube-ET to Divi Cube
* Updated links to Plugin URI and Author URI


Version 1.1
* Fixed Module Cube Icon incorrectly rendering in Divi 4


Version 1.0
* Initial release

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